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By rajluvs ·
I have internet connection from comcast with cable modem and router. i am able to get internet connectivity as wireless connection, but when i try to connect my laptop from router through a cable i dont get internet connectivity, i tried reseting modem, router everthing but its not working.
when i see network connection it says primary lan connected, but when i tried same set up in my friends house it worked.

I am really puzzeled whats going wrong at my place....

I need to get cable connectivity to access my company network as that can not be connected wireless....
..there is no issue with the cable also as i tested that cable also at other place..
Is there any option while setting up Router to disable cable connectivity to laptop/desktop for internet?

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ip address

by caltenbach In reply to Cable Internet , LAN and ...

it sounds like it could be an ip address issue, maybe you arent getting a valid ip address from the router when your cable is plugged in. is your router setup for dhcp, are you using the router as your default gateway ? does windows indicate an ip addres error or a limited or no connectivity error ?

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ip address

by rajluvs In reply to ip address

how do i check if my router is setup for dhcp?
windows does not say any error but it shows some ip and primary LAN network show connected

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If I follow

by Dumphrey In reply to Cable Internet , LAN and ...

you have a cable internet connection, plugged into a wireless router. Your laptop works just fine with the wireless connection, but not with the wired connection?
Plug in the ethernet cable to the router and your laptop. Turn off wireless through either a keybord shortcut or hardware switch on the laptop. Click Start, Run.
In the run box type in CMD.
when the black CMD window opens type in at the c(random file path)#

ipconfig /release

and then

ipconfig /renew

Also, open you network connections control panel and make sure that local area connection is not greyed out or disabled.

now if you are bypassing your router, and connecting the laptop straight to the modem, you may need to power cycle you modem and then boot your laptop to clear the mac address you ip has associated with you connection. Also, connect you laptop to your modem with the same cable you are using to connect your modem to your router.

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if i follow

by rajluvs In reply to If I follow

even though i have connected cable properly while doing ipconfig /release or renew it says can not do any operation coz media not connected..any specific reason ?

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As I see it

by tintoman In reply to Cable Internet , LAN and ...

Your router must be DHCP enabled otherwise your wireless connection wouldn't work either, unless it has a static IP configured which happens to be on the same network address as the router.
So if you check the TCP/IP properties on your wired LAN connection and make sure it is set to obtain an IP address automatically then this should work ok.

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as i see it

by rajluvs In reply to As I see it

yes when i checked tcp/ip it says automaticaly get private IP....
I can see some IP also but its not same as what i see in wireless connection is it ok?
when i tried with my other laptop it says limited or no connectivity...

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Another thought

Are you getting link lights on the router as well as client adapter? Are you sure the Cat5/6 cable is good?

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another thought

by rajluvs In reply to Another thought

yes same laptop same cable is getting conneted from my frnds location...

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