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Cable Internet or BroadBand Proivder

By mutahir ·

Could any one point towards a article, or description on how to design a Broadband or cable internet provider network...

Also a network like IMESH, KAzza, what we need and details

Would be v.greatful

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Cable Internet or BroadBand Proivder

by scott.heath In reply to Cable Internet or BroadBa ...

Your asking for some incredible detailed information in very broad terms.

1. An ISP need backbone internet connections and a way to connect users, ie cable running to every home as well as the networking equipment. We're tallking millions upn millions of dollars.

2. P2P technology is about maxed. If you are exremely curious about the code go find a GPL version like gnutella and the source code will be available. Also I long term coding project that would require mucho investment todo anything with at this point.

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