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Cable lengths

By imranmcse ·
I want to know that as i have know that CAT 5 UTP have max. lenght of 100 meter without using repeater. So the max. lenght value is same for all sort of networks like Peer-to-Peer and domain based. Or there is difference of length uses between different setups.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Cable lengths

that spec is a physical one, unaffected by computer hardware, nos or network design. same for all sorts of networks.

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by sohel20279 In reply to Cable lengths


for your information CAT5 UTP have always max leanth 100 metre for best outcome.



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by wlbowers In reply to Cable lengths

Cat 5 cable restrictions are 100 meters. There are hardware modems that can extend cat 5 to over 4000ft.


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by zaferus In reply to Cable lengths

Data cabling is all physical connections - so it really doesn't matter how you are cabled for a peer-peer vs. domain environment as long as the little electronic signals can get from point A to B (and C, etc). The physical links don't know (or care) what protocol, OS or software you are running.

The 5-4-3 rule comes into effect here with hubs and repeaters (not switches) that basically says you can only have 5 links with 4 cables and 3 hubs/repeaters before a signal becomes too weak to be reliable.

Switches have a "5 or 7 link" rule depending on the quality of the switch that says you can have no more than 5 to 7 switches between end links.

100 metres is the physical limit, but 66 metres is the maximum recommended length for a strong 100 MB full duplex connection.

Environmental factors will also impact this maximum length, excessive heat or electrical interference will greatly decrease your signal strength.


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