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Cable Modem Issues

By professional_pcs ·
I am looking for all the Techs that have cable modem and that can give me some information with their good and bad experiences with their cable modem usage

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Cable Modem Issues

If you have a splice outside, make sure that the connection is weatherproofed. Connectivity can degrade, then disappear after a bad rainstorm. The cable TV wouldn't notice, but the data side sure does.

I've used 4 different cable internet providers, and they've all had their good their bad points. If you're an early adopter for your area, you may be lucky enough to have fewer restrictions on your bandwidth, too.

Lately, though, they've been allowing servers and increasing upstream speeds, so there isn't going to be a lot of product differentiation.

Also, as with any high speed or always-on connection, make sure you have a firewall.

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Can Anyone explain the windows 98 issue?

by heathermr2 In reply to Connectivity

I have a cable modem that does this and i am using windows 98. If there is a fis or an explaination
please help me

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Please explain

by mrbill- In reply to Can Anyone explain the wi ...

What is it doing? need more info please.

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by razz2 In reply to Cable Modem Issues

I have had ADSL and Cable and both have
advantages. The cable speed is better for the price, but
at the same time I seem to have more EXTERNAL
firewall activity with the cable. Even if the LAN is offline.
Also, most cable companies do not dotrue static ip
assignments. The use DHCP reservations.

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Cable modem helpdesk

by affordable_cues_ In reply to Tradeoffs

I work for a company that does support for cable modems and I noticed that windows 98 sometimes does not pull an IP address and defaults to a ppp adapter which makes the customer not able to use the network connection.

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Win 98 Connectivity Issue

by stephanisat In reply to Cable modem helpdesk

I'm using a cable modem w/router, and I've been trying to get my networked Win98 machine back online, and I just ran across your post. My ipconfig now is seeing my router & not my PPP, but I still can't e-mail, ftp, or surf. I can ping, and I can share files on my network. My WinXP machine has no problems. My Win98 machine had full connectivity until a few months ago. I'd appreciate any insight.

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by mrbill- In reply to Win 98 Connectivity Issue

Static or DHCP? DNS server correct? Router blocking?

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by PKA In reply to Cable modem helpdesk

The router gets the cable IP address. It then gives the p.c. a sub-address. Use WINDOWS\Winipcfg.exe to renew your leases. If you had a connection sharing program be sure it is completely wiped out. Once in a while I've had to completely un-install networking and even replace the adaptor. Often anti-virus softwarem especially soft firewalls, etc can cause these problems.

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American Ignorance

by intenccity In reply to Cable Modem Issues

There should be a law as to were no home PC user can call any tech support without at least knowing wheather they use dial-up, DSL, or cable. I would call it the Residential Dolt Act.

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I agree american ignorance

by professional_pcs In reply to American Ignorance

I agree american ignorance.
Most people who own a Computer do not know how to use the computer or the programs that are installed on it. Hopefully these people will learn that knowlege is a good thing and aquire some. A computer is a great source for this knowlege and on the internet you can obtain it for free;most of the time.

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