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By NewbeeNet ·
Hi! All,
I am trying to setup a network for the second time. Something went bad to my router and I had to change it to netgear router which I am trying to resetup/configure to fit my network setup but I having hard time. I could have done silly mistake while doing this but could not figure out what. My internal network is working just fine though.
Here is the sinario:
I have splitted incoming cable internet line into 2 lines going to 2 cable modems. first one is connected to one router then switch then servers and PCs..woking fine....(entire network)GREAT.

Now 2nd line is connected to another modem and the idea is same as above (needs to create new network as if the first one does not exists). The incoming intenet line is working through the modem. If I leave the default IP for router ( I can connect to my testing laptop though the router and get to internet... fine.
As soon as I change the default IP ( which I need to), DHCP enable from to .150 and restart router, modem, testing laptop eveything screws up. I cannot even get back to the web console of router.
I do worry about wireless yet since I do not need at this point. I tried ipconfig /release...ipconfig /renew all those to reset ip on my testing laptop but no luck. Is there something I messed up? If I recall, this is exactly what I did when I set this up for the first time.
Any thought or help would be really appriciated.

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by robo_dev In reply to cable modem - Router - Sw ...

The 'Second line' was all working before, but you just had to swap routers?

What kind of cable modem, what kind of router?

Assume that you're plugging WAN port of router into cable modem, PC into a LAN port on router.

If you plug a PC directly into the 'second line' cable modem, does it work?

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sounds like 1 public address

by CG IT In reply to Clarify

but trying to get to LANs that are seperate, to work with that 1 public address, but they don't want either of the lans to be subnetted off one or the other...

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Two Cable Modems sounds like Bad JuJu

by Charles Bundy In reply to cable modem - Router - Sw ...

ISP's usually require MAC reservation of your cable modem. I would not expect two cable modems to initalize, unless you were paying for some special option from the provider.

Why are you splitting your cable? Lots of problems including signal degradation/noise. If you want "two separate networks" try using one cable modem and two NAT routers. Also you could use a VLAN capable switch. Have you considered using a DMZ?

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? ?

by seanferd In reply to cable modem - Router - Sw ...

You are trying to use non-RFC 1**8 IPs in a LAN? Are you assigned a range of public IPs to do this?

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