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Cable modems and additional DNS Suffixes

By eric.cribbs ·
I recently obtained a @Home network cable modem and use Secure Remote VPN software to connect to my employers network. Secure Romote monitors request sent to and then prompts for a login. My cable modem uses DHCP to configure DNS, is there a way to add as a last resort DNS suffix without interfering with my internet connection. If not is their a way to add the 5-10 servers I use to a host file that would map computer to (I am not too familiar with host files or DNS) Thanks for the help.

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Cable modems and additional DNS Suffixes

by eric.cribbs In reply to Cable modems and addition ...

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Cable modems and additional DNS Suffixes

by timwalsh In reply to Cable modems and addition ...

I have almost the exact same setup so hopefully can answer your question.
I wouldn't try to add your company's DNS server to the DHCP info for the simple reason that you could end up with a Catch-22 situation that goes something like this: You need to access your company DNS server, but need to authenticate through the SecuRemote Gateway server, which you can't access because you can't resolve DNS . . . ad-infinitum.
Depending on what resources you need access to, you shouldn't need to worry about actually joining your computer to your company's domain since you can simply map to the various resources you need. The only problem is that you (probably) won't be able to browse the domain. Therefore you need to make sure you know the IPaddress of the various servers you need access to.
Another thing that will help tremendously is to make the user name and password you use to log onto your home computer the same as those you use to logon at work. That way you can take advantage of pass-through authentication.

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