Cable moden to DSL router

By ntait_muhlmann ·
I recently changed providers and was issued with a have a cable modem (Scientific Atlanta (EPC2100R2 Series).

I have an old ADSL wireless router (Zyxel 4 port wireless router -Prestige 660HW-61 over POTS). My question is,can I connect the new Scientific Atlanta cable modem into the Zyxel router? The cable modem only has ethernet and USB connection and the router only accepts a RJ12 telephone jack. Is it just a matter of getting a connecting cable from ethernet to RJ12? or more complicated than that. Thanks

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Should work just as before

by mjd420nova In reply to Cable moden to DSL router

You should be able to use it the same as before. The output of the modem (ethernet) goes into the router and the rest like normal.

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Built-In switch too?

by IC-IT In reply to Cable moden to DSL router

If that is the model with the 4 port ethernet switch you may be able to connect the cable modem to it. You would have to point the Zyxel to the cable modems gateway and DNS addressess. The RJ-11 WAN port will only accept an ADSL signal/protocol.

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it it's not ethernet (rj12 was phone line adsl)

by Dr Dij In reply to Cable moden to DSL router

then you'll need to get a new wireless router with ethernet connector and hook to the cable modem ethernet port. they're not expensive.

sounds like your old adsl router plugged directly into the adsl line and has no ethernet. you may fry your cable box if you try plugging it into phone jack. and won't be of much use. not same voltages or protocol.

newer boxes have ethernet port so would work in future with either adsl or cable modem.

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ASDL to Cable modem

by richwarner In reply to Cable moden to DSL router

Hi, I had exactly the same problem, I've just switched providers and subsequently had to mess around with my D-Link G604-T wireless ASDL router. I use wireless laptops and having an ethernet cable connected to them is just impossible. I found that if i connected the modem to the router, connected wirelessly to the router, went into the settings pages and disabled the DHCP server then the modem would assign the IP's. So, Firstly connect wirelessly to your router, Next go to the settings page ( login as admin, go to DHCP and disable, next go to tools and save the settings and re-start the router. (at this point i pulled the power plug on both the router and the cable modem. Connect the ethernet plug out of the modem and put it into a port on the back of the router. Next power the units back up, and wait! When your connected to the wireless, try loading internet explorer and go to, It worked for me and now i can connect wirelessly to my router and get on the internet. Hope this helps,

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by FlyCaster In reply to Cable moden to DSL router

With a cable modem you get Ethernet presented to you with usually a "real world" ip address assigned to it.
You need to connect this outside ip to your internal network. To do this you need a router or firewall.
You can use a variety of solutions from different vendors.
The ADSL modem has a ethernet interface on the inside that readily can be used for internal lan.
The ADSL modem can be used as a wireless accesspoint and switch but you must not connect the DSL connector. Only use the LAN interfaces.

I succesfully used a : Netgear RP614, Cisco 1605R, Cisco PIX 501 to connect via a cablemodem.

If you use the connection professionally i'd go for a cisco security device.


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