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CABLE or ANALOG ???????

By btexpress13 ·
I am about to be hooked up to cable, and would like for some who has had it for awhile tell me what advantages in all things I will recieve by getting this service. I have been connected to analog for the past 4 1/2 years, so any advice would well be apppreciated. I hear it's like going from beta to cassette, *JUMP*

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Well, it's "faster"

by eBob In reply to CABLE or ANALOG ???????

So what effect will that have on your Internet experience? With traditional dial-up you would have made choices based on the choked bandwidth available to you.

For example, you might have gone to some "bloatware" site, only to be put off by it taking half an hour just to load the darn homepage. So maybe you cancelled and went to an alternate site, or just gave up altogether.

With a high speed ("broadband") connection, that will not be (so much of) an issue. Now you'll go to that site and not care that it takes only a minute. You won't even mind if the site says "load this plug-in or that browser extension to see what a great site this is".

Hmmmm, put that way, broadband is just part of a conspiracy by the commercial interests who don't know how to write decent websites. Ah, but I digress (again).

To put it simply, since your access will be an order of magnitude faster, your decisions on what you do online will be based MUCH more on the available content, and NOT on the simple availability of that content.

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by btexpress13 In reply to Well, it's "faster"

Thank you "EBob", for the friendly advice, something you said at the end of your message ,made a whole!!!!!!, lot of sense, I do surf, and do a lot on my PC, and it does now, come down to the content of the page, for how long I stay there, and I surely will welcome the speed, when I get hooked up ,I will definately, let you know the difference, see you in a bit EBob, again thank you!!!!!

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