cabled home network

By camymelia ·
Has anyone any idea why my pc and laptop connection failed? I did everything recommended but i could not connect my laptop at the internet although my pc was internet connected and was running fine. I must specify that the cabling i used did not include the presence of a router. I have a modem, a pc with internet connection on it, and I wanted my laptop to be internet connected too. Everything was ok, but the laptop failed to connect to the internet. I did my best in explaining my problem and i hope someone will know what i am talking about and will help me. Thanks.

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by Kiltie In reply to cabled home network

Need some info here

What type of connection are you using?

How are they connected, physically?

What Operating Systems?

Are you using Internet Connection Sharing?

What Protocols are you using?

In short, can you supply any other information please?
Any questions, please post back.

We can possibly help then.

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Internet sharing

by 3xp3rt In reply to cabled home network

You must share your Internet connection on your pc, for be available for your laptop.
You can use the internet sharing wizard on your pc for this.

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