Cabling issue...

By De'raj O'citsen ·
So here is my problem I have to run new cables for my company. One server room to another next door, up over a drop ceiling onto cabling J-hooks and back down.

My problem is that I cant shut the systems down, and I have to remove a lot of 30 year mold invested fiberglass insulation. So how do I protect the rack while dealing with this job. Assuming that I have a couple people ready with shop-vacs, someone gave the idea of wrapping the racks in cheap cotton bedsheets to help. The bedsheets sound good on paper, but I'm not to sure of how well it would work... What do you guys think? Anyone have any other ideas?

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This sounds like a job for . . .

by Kenone In reply to Cabling issue...

Duct Tape and some plastic sheeting!!

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by TobiF In reply to This sounds like a job fo ...

What about cooling? Should they connect the ****-out from a mobile AC to the rack?
That would also create raised air pressure, so that air would rather leak out through any openings, than into the server.

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Remember that new studies have found that fiberglass

by robo_dev In reply to Cabling issue...

is just as bad as asbestos on your lungs, so take appropriate precautions.

You really need to have some construction fans, similar to the type they use when drying-out wet carpet. Lots of duct-tape and heavy plastic sheeting.

You need to **** that stuff away from your servers as well as people.

Seriously, you could have a big-time OSHA issue there, and if there really is mold, that could be a serious health issue. I've seen how they mitigate mold in, decontamination showers, the whole nine yards. Very serious risks, and very dangerous stuff.

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