Cache vs. Memory

By aageiger ·
buying new laptop, I have option of 2MB L2 cache w/ 6GB DDR2 memory OR 3MB cache with 4GB DDR3 memory. WHich is the better combination? Any help greatly appreciated.

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Insufficient information ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Cache vs. Memory

I, for one, would need to know the Maker and Model of each chip option.

Then it'd be nice to know what you primarily intend doing with the chip you choose.

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by kentontator In reply to Cache vs. Memory

ddr3 has a newer chipset and will allow you to get the latest and greatest processors and all that fun stuff, but its a bit more expensive. Also many people claim to see no difference between the two yet...I have not tested it out myself, but I would go with ddr3 just so upgrading in the future would leave you with more options

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Upgrading? - In a laptop? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to depends...

I doubt that's gonna count for much.

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unless i'm mistaken

by NexS In reply to Cache vs. Memory

Which I very well may be, I thought that even a 64bit OS could only address up to 4GB of memory... so having 6GB would be a waste of money... unless its a laptop server lol

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Vista 64bit can use 128GB of RAM.

by Ron K. In reply to unless i'm mistaken

Business, Enterprise and Ultimate can use 128GB. Home Basic and Premium can use 8GB and 16GB, respectively.<br>

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excellent :)

by NexS In reply to Vista 64bit can use 128GB ...

That's really great news!
Might go buy me some more RAM!

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ruff call...

by ---TK--- In reply to Cache vs. Memory

With what you provided I would go with the 3MB cache w/4Gigs of DDR3 RAM... strictly because of the bigger cache..

Between your two choices, the deal breaker for me would be the GFX card.. Make sure the one you get has dedicated video memory....

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Which OS?

by TheChas In reply to Cache vs. Memory

Well, for the 6GB of RAM to be of any value, you need to be running the 64 bit version of Windows 7 or Vista. As there are very few true 64 bit applications available right now, that extra 2GB of system RAM is going to set idle a lot.

Further, if you plan to down-grade the laptop to Windows XP, the one with 4GB of RAM will be all that you need.

I can't accept that everything else between these 2 systems is equal.

Therefore, you need to consider CPU clock speed, graphics adapter and how you will be using the system if you want to predict which one might be a better fit.

Another factor is cost versus how long you plan to keep the laptop. If you plan to keep it a long time, you might be better off with full 64 bit support.


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