Cached domain account loses credentials after forced log off

By ajcarthew ·
We have several hundred laptops (WinXP SP2) in the computer fleet and I have recently been tasked with rolling out new Wireless modems and home office setups (Printer, fax, etc - nothing major) to a number of these laptops (30-40 with more to come). I have discovered an annoying problem i have not encountered before.

No matter how often you ask, some users will not log-off and leave their notebook locked under their cached domain account - i have to forcibly log them off with a local-administrator account to carry out the install.

After installing everything and handing machine back to the user for testing - they can no-longer log in with their cached account as they had done prior to the forced log-off (Issue is restricted to those that have been forcibly logged-off - no-others).

Once the machine re-establishes a connection with the domain, the user can login with the same credentials (which are then stored) and and everything functions as normal.

I am not thoroughly familiar with this SOE and need to know if this a standard feature of windows, or the result of a security-policy i can't find?

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