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    Cached exchange mode


    by surreytj ·

    I have a user trying to cache his emails via vpn with Outlook 2003. The use cached mode is selected but the emails are still not available offline. He doesn’t see the cached exchange mode in the File menu though. What do we do?

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      by captbilly1eye ·

      In reply to Cached exchange mode

      Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, it is not likely to get the attention it deserves in the Discussion forum. Please re-post to the Questions forum by selecting the “Ask a Question” button. You may copy and paste your content to there.

      Many do not read the Discussions forum and taking this step helps to insure that your Question gets the attention it deserves.
      Unfortunately, there is currently no way to delete the original post in the Discussions forum. That is understood by all. However, if you want, you can put a link in it to the new posting in the Questions Forum.

      Please do not forget to rate answers that you find helpful as being so.

      Good Luck!

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