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CACLS reporting recomendations

By nhartley ·
Does anyone have any recomendations for reporting file permissions on our NT network? We would like to run through our entire network and see who has access to what.

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CACLS reporting recomendations

by joepizzi In reply to CACLS reporting recomenda ...

Before undertaking such an endeavor, you should first decide exactly what information you want. Your posed question, "Who has access to what?," is so broad that, while you could gather the information, it will be of little use because of the sheer volume of the information. The typical machine these days has over 10,000 files on it. CACLS and XACLS will happily report the permissions on all files, but how will you analyze the data? How will you collate the data? What potential actions will you take upon finding out the answer to your question?
In short, don't. Decide which files are the most sensitive, and verify access to those files. Follow standard security procedures for the rest.

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CACLS reporting recomendations

by nhartley In reply to CACLS reporting recomenda ...

Thanks for the reply.

I agree whole heartedly, CALCS would not be the answer. That is exactly why I have asked my question.
Long before we had a need for the application, I had downloaded from System Internals a wonderful CALCS reporting tool. It would recurse through a given tree and report the root file permissions and only any changes there after. This little beauty would also report where on a given section of the network a user or group had access. Plus a few other useful reports. However, I have long since uninstalled this app. When I returned to System Internals the app was no longer available and the guys there even deny it's existance.
And so what I am asking for is a utility that can not only (as I said before) tellme who has access to what, but also in a readable format.

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