Calculating... in the status bar and flashing text boxes - MS Access 2007

By RLanni ·
I have an existing report that has worked for years (2003 and prior) that does not work with 2007 in Report View. In Report View the report displays the word "Calculating..." in the status bar and most of the text boxes are flashing (visible\not visible) or are not visible until I click on them - then they become temporarily visible. The report seems to work fine in print view.

I've tried this 2 ways: 1) converting the original 2003 db to a 2007 db; and 2) using 2007 to run the unconverted 2003 db. Remember in 2003 and prior this works fine.

Any suggestions for fixing this problem are appreciated.

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Have you tried

by HimDownStairs In reply to Calculating... in the sta ...

changing the file extension? Access 2003 files end in .mdb. Access 2007 files end in .accb.

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Access 07 file extension is .accdb. <nt>

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Have you tried
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I understand, but

by HimDownStairs In reply to Access 07 file extension ...

Access 2003 file extension is .mdb. I was asking if he tried changing the file extension to .accb, since his report is from an older version.

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