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Is there a good tool or guide to calculate the recommended specs for a server? Lets say that I have a client that will have 30 users accessing it as a file share and am also hosting quickbooks on the same server. Lets say the server is running Server 2012 Standard. How would I calculate adequate specs for this scenario other than just guessing?

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Some very general advice...

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I don't know how useful a tool would be. The specs will vary a lot depending on budget, expected load, how critical the data is, and user expectations. One company might be happy with a low-end server and a bunch of SATA drives, while another company might want something specced out.

For a file server you want decent CPU performance, definitely a good RAID card with a decent amount of cache and good networking. A decent amount of RAM won't hurt either. Storage is obviously pretty important too. You don't have to go 10k or 15k enterprise SAS for file storage. You could go with midline SAS or SATA just fine. RAID enough of them together and you'll get good performance anyway. Regarding RAID, I'd suggest RAID10 or maybe 6.

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