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Calculating the correct amount of GB

By e_quintieri ·
I create a status report weekly and it includes a summary of a backup report. The report indicates the number of files and their size within KB.

Before I send the report to my client I convert the KB to GB (Size of File)/1042/1024

i.e. 8,052,134 KB = 7.68 (GB)

Question is my calculation correct? or is there another formula I can use

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Answer: I think you're using the best calculation. But, there are other ways you could calculate this:

You should choose to compute GB in a way that will compare well with other data that your client has.

1. Drive makers compute 1 GB = 1000**3 = 1 billion bytes. A "200 GB drive" stores 200 billion bytes.

2. Operating systems compute 1 GB = 1024**3 = 1,073,741,824 bytes. A "200 GB drive" stores 200 billion bytes but is reported by the operating system to store only 186.3 GB.

3. Space-on-disk varies depending on cluster size, file size, and compression (if any). For example, the cluster size on NTFS is typically 4K. If your users have many small 2K files, each one will use 4K of disk space.

Did this help with your question?

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by e_quintieri In reply to Calculating the correct a ...

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