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    calculating ytd figures for each row item in an access 2003 report


    by felicia f ·

    I have a query that contains monthly statistics for several sites. I am looking to create a field in access report to calculate the Year to date figures for lost time days. Eahch site reports their number of lost time days monthly. On my report, i want to be able to display lost time days (this month) and lost time days (year to date) for each site.

    My query in datasheet view looks like this

    Site Reporting month Year Lost time days
    Site A January 2011 2
    Site B January 2011 3
    Site c February 2011 1
    Site A February 2011 6

    I want to add an extra column in my report to calculate lost time days (year to date) for each site.
    Can anyone help?!

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