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Calendar View in Project 98

By lee_gleed ·
When I go into the Calendar view within Proj98 instead of activities falling nicely into one day they seem to start half way through the day and progress into the next. For instance, an activity starting on 1/11/01 and running for 1 day will, on the calendar, be displayed as starting half way through the 1/11/01 and completing half way through the 2/11/01. How do I get it to start and finish within the 1/11/01.


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Calendar View in Project 98

first check your project (or global) calendar setting and verify that your days start at 800 and finish at 1700 (or hwatever your setting is.
Then check your resource calendar setting if you use separate calendars for resources.

If that does notsolve your problem, check on your task settings (advanced) and check if they are set other than "as soon as possible".
Also check if a forced "finish" date (constraint) has been set which causes MSP to calculate back from this date.

Let me know if any of these solves your problem. If not send me a copy of the part of your plan that does it and I will check.

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