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    Calibration problem


    by youngphyl ·

    My HP 2600n prints great at the top of the page. But from half way down the page on, the print quality deteriorates. The colors, images and even text become skewed more and more in the lower portion of the page. I’ve calibrated repeatedly, which helps but doesn’t completely fix the problem. And it only lasts for a short time and the problem returns. Any suggestions for me? I bought the printer a short time ago – it was refurbished.

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      Users manual

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to Calibration problem

      Consult the users manual and see if they have any cleaning suggestions and maybe even some accessories to aid in cleaning the paper path and rollers. The troubleshooting guide may also have some hints. If all else fails, some alcohol and q-tips would allow you to clean all the pick up rollers and feed rollers.

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        MicroSoft Office Apps make problem worse

        by youngphyl ·

        In reply to Users manual

        I’m noticing that the problem seems to be much more pronounced when I use MicroSoft Office Apps. I use Word & Publisher2007 and the skewing happens the most in those programs. And it happens more to images than it does to text.

        Any thoughts?

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