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    Call Center – Multi-site connectivity


    by if6was9 ·

    I am looking for feedback on the evaluation points between two call distribution methodologies for a multi-site call center: CPE based point to point network vs. PSTN based take back and transfer routing. Circuit switched solutions. VoIP is not under consideration at this time. I wish to establish the critical evaluation factors as well as get feedback on possible weighting of factors. Finally, I would like any case history information that can be shared.
    * Costs – Capital costs for additional infrastructure and OA&M costs VS. network transfer charges
    * Fault tolerance and redundancy
    * Routing flexibility
    * Impact on CTI and call reporting

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      Call Center – Multi-site connectivity

      by csmith ·

      In reply to Call Center – Multi-site connectivity

      CPE and PSTN are both obsolete, as several IT people can tell you, as they recovered from the 9/11 disaster.
      But, since you can not consider VoIP at this time, I would go for the lowest capital cost.
      That is going to be PSTN in most cases.
      Now tothe articles. is the place to start.
      (That’s not a typo. It has two Cs in front.)
      This is part of CMPnet.
      This is a trade publications group that is directed at Solution Providers. (VARs)
      This will give you the links to themanufacturers white papers, and articles you want.
      Regards, Chris

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