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    Call Center Startup


    by gachanju ·

    I’m trying to open up a call center in Africa, I have called a few people to see what technology i’ll need, different people are telling me different things. The call center will service calls from the US, please help me on what i need to get for technology.

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      Reply To: Call Center Startup

      by liame ·

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      Seriously… pay someone that knows for their time. It will save you money in the long run.

      If you can’t / won’t do that you need to a) analyse your needs and b) get a budget.

      There are many parts to consider for part a. How many calls do you need to take or make? What level of service is required? What telcos and ISP services are available? What site are you going to use? What sort of infrastructure is currently in place? What call monitoring / logging / recording needs to be done?

      Put simply outbound call centres are simpler than inbound. For outbound you basically need a phone per desk and enough lines to handle the calls and an autodailler if possible to maximise the number of calls made.

      For inbound you will need to work out how many lines you need based on the expect / actual number of calls that come in. You will need to decide if its okay for people to hold or get engaged tones etc and base the manning / phone line levels against that. In this case you will need a phone system that can handle call routing and hunt groups etc.

      For connecting to the outside world there is basically analogue lines, ISDN and IP. Analogue lines are fine – but its a line per phone. E1/T1 ISDN lines carry up to about 30 lines in one cable. They are quite expensive but second to none in terms of reliability. IP is cheaper though not as reliable as ISDN.

      For outbound calls make sure you can route over the internet. It will save you a fortune.

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        Reply To: Call Center Startup

        by liame ·

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        You’ll need to look locally for ISP’s and Telcos. Shouldn’t be hard to find unless you are in the darkest depths. Even then the international big name Telcos would be able to hook you up with a satelite link!

        Phone systemwise… I tend to stick with what I know which is mainly Avaya (used to be Lucent) and Nortel. Cisco do a good range of VOIP phone systems. They are big players in the market – I doubt you can go far wrong with any of those 3.

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      Reply To: Call Center Startup

      by gachanju ·

      In reply to Call Center Startup

      Any suggestions, like names of companies providing such solutions?

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      Calling the Cape

      by alister ·

      In reply to Call Center Startup

      Hi Gachanju, Good luck with your venture!
      Go to this website:
      They specialise in helping setup call centres in Cape Town, South Africa. They will put you in touch with all the right players.

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      Hosted Solution

      by legs ·

      In reply to Call Center Startup

      There are plenty of companies that offer hosted solutions You might want to try CCDS.

      They offer a Virtual Call Center for companies across the world.

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      English lessons.

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Call Center Startup

      Your profile says you’re in Massachusetts. I assume most of your customers speak American English. Be prepared to catch a lot of flack from your customer base if your workers don’t understand colloquial English.

      Don’t try to save money on the phone lines. Nothing frustrates a customer more than having to re-read the serial number because the employee can’t hear through the static.

      Finally, don’t tell your employees to lie to U.S. customers about their location. Nothing says less about your company than call center employees with foreign accents who insist they’re “Bob in Denver”. After a while the repeat callers start to catch on.

      Have you considered outsourcing the whole project? There are lots of companies that specialize in operating call centers.

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      Call Centre Development

      by simoner ·

      In reply to Call Center Startup

      Your post relating to the above is an area which my company specializes in. We analyze your business needs in the area of direct marketing and custom design a solution for you. Offering recommendations, implementation and training on all systems including management of each.

      Should you wish to see our company profile and references, please contact me.

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      Contaxt Me ASAP

      by eutaxy ·

      In reply to Call Center Startup

      Hi Gachanju@ maybe we can talk.
      Skypeme : eutaxy

      Lets talk sustainable strategy in the face of the financial crisis.

      I have the model.


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