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Call for research areas

By Rhene ·

I'm about to finish my graduate studies in computer science. And I want to get started with my research proposal as soon as possible.

I have a bachelor's degree in MIS. No real experiences yet in the field. But I want to study more on IS. The problem is it's too general and I don't know which specific area needs significant research. Please guide me.

Best regards.

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Starting Out and Fresh!

by CfK In reply to Call for research areas

IS is an industry, not a speciality. Probably the best approach is to consider which area you wish to take up as a career start, and consider the possibilities at a general level first.
Do your research to see if there have been contributions, and build from there. Every area needs innovative thinking applied.
I suggest if you are not a member of IEEE or similar you become one and use their libraries to research your topic areas as they have large contributory collections of knowledge, and members are at the forefront of development in every field.
Once you have selected a topic area research the companies that have been involved in this area and approach them for more information. Many are quite willing to provide insights into their specific issues ad how they were resolved.

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Search the web

by jdmercha In reply to Call for research areas

First check out the US News web site and find out the top ranked IS Universities. Then check those University web sites and see what research the faculty are doing.

Or check out

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I don't understand

by amcol In reply to Call for research areas

You have an undergraduate degree and are about to obtain your graduate degree. Despite your stated lack of experience, with all that education you refer to IS as a "general field" and you can't independently decide on a specific topic for a research project?

Part of being a practitioner of the dark IS arts is keeping up with what's going on and participating in the professional community. By now you should have at least four or five subscriptions to industry publications and be a member of at least one or two industry groups. Those sources would provide a wealth of ideas...if you were taking advantage of them.

You might want to think about showing a little more independent initiative and not taking the easy way out, which you've done by soliciting ideas in this forum. What I would have done were I you is develop four or five ideas, then post to this board and ask for feedback. Don't ask others to do your work for you.

Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh but sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is throw a bucket of cold water in their face. Time to wake up.

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All too common

by jdmercha In reply to I don't understand

I agree, to an extent. But I see this all the time. The majority of college students do not get any industry information outside of the classroom. Plus those that work hard enough to get the grades to get into grad school, work so much on their studies that they do not have time to read trade publications, if they can even find out what they are.

I'm sure he also has a faculty advisor he could talk to for ideas. But what most often comes from that is suggestions that are already being worked on at that institution. If he wants to really impress his professors, he is better off presenting them with ideas that they are not familiar with.

I'm not saying this is right or wrong, it's just the way it is.

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Thanks everyone!

by Rhene In reply to All too common

Now I see. I was asked to read journals and publications in the field of IS. But did little. Anyway, from now on I'll do my homework.

Best regards!

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