Call function is not acceppting/processing the parameters to a rexx file

By raj_stud99 ·
Currently, I am involved in a migration project which has CICS, COBOL and Object rexx and it is on windows 2000 server which is working fine. When I Install the same softwares I am not able to pass the parameter with the command file to a rexx file in windows 2008. I have tested by providing a hard coded (giving parameters in the Rexx file) and it is working fine.
After some sample scripts and other trouble shooting steps, I found CALL function(command) is not accepting/passing the paramenter values to a REXX file.
Below is the command which I am using in CMD file. PUENVINI3 is a REXXfile.

Is there any difference with Command line arguements ? or Scripting ?
Because of this issue we are not able to proceed further... Suggestions are appreciated..

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Windows 2008 has some differences from Win 2000

by robo_dev In reply to Call function is not acce ...

First of all, you may need to run the cmd box as administrator (use RUNAS command) or the program in the dos box may not run properly.

When running a batch file in Server 2008 by double-clicking on it, any commands that are executed use limited permissions due to the built-in User Account Control (UAC) which is enabled by default. Also, Server 2008 won???t ask you if you want to run with admin rights when you run the batch file, or if it comes across any commands which might need elevated privileges. Those commands will quietly fail.

right-click on it and choose ???Run as Administrator???. This will give the batch file full rights.

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Reponse To Answer

by raj_stud99 In reply to Windows 2008 has some dif ...

I am executing the batch file from Cmd (as administrator ) but still it is having the problem...I have found replacing CALL function with REXX is working as a workaround but wanted to know is there any difference in CMD comparing to 2000..

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