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Calling all CCNA/Ps

By BBaggins ·
Would appreciate your input. How do you like being CCNA certified? Are you also MS certified? What does your job entail? Did you make the right career choices? Thank you all.

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Net Admin.

by Caseyiii In reply to Calling all CCNA/Ps

I enjoy(?) my Ccna a great deal. I'm starting to get the impression from some people that the Ccna is viewed with greater respect a Mcse (yes, I have mine), even though it was far easier to get it.
I work as a Net. Admin for a music video company. The job entails everything from building recovery servers, routing accross secure subnets, to help desk. Pretty much everything.
Don't know if this is what you were lokkoing for, but hope it helps.

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CCNA has more respect that MCSE

by rzan In reply to Net Admin.

Reason being is because of all the paper MCSEs' that have flooded the IT workforce lately. Cisco certification has always been valued higher than Microsoft's MCSE, because of the extensive hands on required to pass the exams. Plus, since today's networks are mostly routed IP networks, or layer 3 switched VLANs, it is essential that any network admin be properly trained in the configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco routers and switches.

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Best Decision I've Made

by davidpmartin In reply to Calling all CCNA/Ps

I was an early MCSE (got it in 1997 when it meant something more than it does now) - and while the MCSE allowed me to do some good things in the IT world - including a brief job stint at "the Borg" (M$) - I found my true IT nirvana after starting down my Cisco track.

I now hold both my CCNP and my CCDP and am working on my Cisco Security Specialist 1 cert - just a little over half way through. What I found out was that the cisco certs are valued much more highly than the MCSE and for good reason - they are much tougher. While I got both my CCNP and CCDP in less than a year - I absolutely busted my butt and had no social life for almost a year (thank God I had a understanding wife - and I warned her ahead of time), but it was worth it, because it has allowed me to do what I want, and go where I want, and make some fairly decent money while I have been doing it. And as opposed to being looked upon as only a System Admin - the Cisco Certs have set me apart in this very competitive field.

Not only that, but doing network installs, troubleshooting, and design work it just plain fun - I've gotten to the level where I can smoke out most network problems in just a few minutes - and even the most complex ones only take a couple ofhours (and are usually the cause of misconfiguration by someone who is just starting out in networking. When you can do that, you quickly get a neat reputation.

The Cisco Certs were really hard - and most people I know don't go beyond the CCNA, which is too bad, because its getting to the CCNP and CCDP level where you really learn this stuff - but I'm glad they are tough, because most people that I know that get them are a cut above the average IT person - especially those who are "dual" certified - (MCSE/CCNA or Solaris/Linux and CCNA).

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