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Calling all MCSEs

By BBaggins ·
Would appreciate your input. How do you like being MCSE certified? Is your cert for NT or 2000? What does your job entail? Did you make the right career choices? Thank you all.

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experience is everything

by st0ut In reply to Calling all MCSEs

I don't think that having a MSCE is that great of a issue. All it means is that you can pass a test. I have seen too many MCSE's that are clueless and cannot troubleshoot a LAN to save their life. We all know MCSE's that cant run DOS. Even though i dont have an MCSE i can usually smoke those that do even on the windows platforms.
However for someone with no experience this may help get a foot in the door. In this case get an MCSE and learn linux. This shows you are testable and can handel a more complex UNIX like OS.

Hope this helps,

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MCSE NT 4 - its ok...

by TomSal In reply to Calling all MCSEs

You are asking a very subjective question of course - so mileage will vary with each person that answers. For me personally, I love learning - maybe that's why I like the IT industry so much, sure lots of jobs you need to learn all the time to be successful, but with the possible exceptions of being a doctor or some kind of scientist, I don't think there are many jobs were you must learn as rapidly and as often as you do in the IT field.

With that said, true I was asked by my company to get the MCSE cert (made they feel warm and fuzzy I guess) but I liked learning the MCSE material. In all honesty though, in my day to day System Admin and Network Admin duties I'm probably only rely on about 10-15% of "MCSE gained knowledge". The vast majority is experience, on-the-fly research and CISCO (not Microsoft) training.

Btw, I'm not renewing my MCSE, because while I can see SOME value in it - I think unless you are directed as a condition of employment once you go through the MCSE course work - you'll find little reason to go through it again. Besides, its getting too expensive, too ridiculous and finally - let's be honest MCSE is losing its "esteem" and "respect" at the speed of light.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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mcse is a good idea

by qomputek In reply to Calling all MCSEs

I personaly thing that if you have the time and resorces you should get mcse certified or certified in anything. it makes you more marketable. 3 years exp. plus mcse looks better then just 3 years exp. I especially recommend it if you don't have a BS degree or didn't major in CS.

i have my mcse in nt4, I will not be upgrading to 2000 but that's mainly because I don't work with windows anymore.

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I give it a thumbs up

by beergod In reply to Calling all MCSEs

Not only did my MCSE validate my abilities in the networking field but it added a big plus to my resume. In addition I started working for a new company as the sole network engineer and getting my certification just prior to starting allowed me to negotiate for a much higher salary than previously agreed upon. I would say that although not required it definately helps all around.

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by T Bowman In reply to Calling all MCSEs

I was previously certified on NT3.51. I did not
recert for a couple of reasons. Note I don't have a 4 year degree in CS so keep that in mind. I DO have 17 years experience in the computer industry (technical) and over 10 years in Systems Administration and Support. I was considered the "NT Guru" by many where I used to work. Almost every job in this area lists MCSE (or at least MCP) as a requirement. I had several recruiters tell me that because there are so many 'certified' people in the market (AND the market is terrible right now) that not having the MCSE made the difference. I believe I finally have a job w/o the MCSE but it has taken a very long time. If you have a job now, I wouldn't spend the bucks unless the company is paying. If you get laid off... go get it. Same goes for Unix or Cisco certs.

Frodo Lives!

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MCSE 's involve in broad problems?

by humaid In reply to Calling all MCSEs

You have to get your self in to all kind of problems to gain experience.And try to help all your fellow couligues who are new in the field.

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