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CALs and windows XP

By tinyman2002 ·
Hello all!I'm getting ready to perform an upgrade from a windows NT 4 server to windows 2000 server.We have 2K Pro and XP Pro systems on the network.
I've been told that you don't have to worry about CALs with XP Pro,but Ineed to know for sure to get the right amount of licensing for the installation.Is it true that windows XP Pro has it's own CAL and that it isn't neccessary to purchase a CAL for it?
Thanks everybody.

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by CG IT In reply to CALs and windows XP

no it's not true.

Every user or computer must have a CAL to connect to the server. [Per Seat licensing or per server licensing].

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by gary.cole In reply to CALs and windows XP

CG is ABSOLUTELY MUST have a CAL for each machine irrespective of its OS.


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by Hopi In reply to CALs and windows XP

Don't know about w2k-server CAL but for w2k3 server cal you need to transit your cal. You can read more here:

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What happens if I don't have enough?

by dkattan In reply to

Here's my biggest question...When will I know that I need more CALs? Am I going to get an error message on the screen when too many people are trying to connect? Or will it just allow these people to connect even though we don't have enough CALs.

On my server I've had a maximum of 10 connections, but I only have 5 CALs. Is it up to me to make sure that I have enough?

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CALs? Good Question dkattan

by michael In reply to What happens if I don't h ...

I would like to know how to find out how many CALs are currently on a server. Is there some way to audit this?

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What OS you are using on the server?

by irwanhassan In reply to What happens if I don't h ...

Hi, when you say that maximum connection is 10. I guess you are using Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional in your server.

If you need to connect more than 10 pc at the same time to the server, you need to install Windows Server 2000 or Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 which gives you unlimited number of connection.

Make sure you purchase CAL for additional PCs. Normally Windows Server OS comes with 5 CALs.

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