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    Camcorders What To Buy ???


    by bjewel ·

    Camcorders What To Buy ???

    I am looking for a camcorder
    I want to be able to do everything with it.
    I cant afford tyhousands of dollars
    but a few hundred.
    The range of products & companies out there is wide
    My choices are difficult.
    I am looking for a way to earn a living
    & am teaching myself everything
    with no help from anyone
    so my dilemma is:
    I currently have no income
    Dont want to make a huge mistake buying something
    that isnt going to last a long time,
    be up to date,
    bePC compatible
    Night shot
    8, Hi 8, VHS ???
    So fgar it seems like the Hi 8
    could be what I need
    But where t get the best deals??
    Any body have any working knowledge using a cam to make an income??
    Any help or suggestions will be really appreciated
    All options will be considered
    Thank you Everyone…
    Seasons Greetings to You One & All…

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