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Came back from San Diego -- now looking to move there.

By Garion11 ·
Greetings all,

Went to San Diego on a business trip and I absolutely loved it. There were stories and legends that I heard when I was young which spoke of the most beautiful women in the world being in Southern California...and lo and behold they were all true. Great weather, amazing women...*ahem* people, clean city, beautiful beaches, wide open roads that ask you politely to speed as fast as possible, I have a San Diego hangover ever since I've come back.

My questions to you fellow TR members are these...

I am 27, not married, no kids, nothing really holding me or tying me down in my current area of I am looking to relocate to either San Diego (or surrounding areas) or Texas (Austin or Dallas area). Anyone that has lived in San Diego or currently living there...would you please inform me on how much I have to make to live there comfortably...(comfortable = cozy little apartment, single life style + surfing :))? I heard everything from $40,000 to $100,000 so I am trying to get some real opinions/advice thats out there.

Whats the job market like? I am looking now on every job site out there...and I am not finding much but I am hoping thats more an anomaly than reality.

Texas: Same here...I ordered DVD and it was very cool. Any info such as the above info is really appreciated. Jobs? Companies? Financial realities? etc. I am researching myself on a bunch of different websites, but if at all possible I would like to hear your experiences on what works in these two places. Thank you all and I hope to hear many responses.

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by FluxIt In reply to Came back from San Diego ...

I truly enjoyed my time in San Diego. The median age is about 27. If you live a humble life it is not too bad. But if you want a nice house, expensive car, and a Barbie Twin for a girl friend you'd better have the bucks! Medical is outrageously expensive there. The pay was a little depressing when I was there.

I loved the parks, zoo, and museums. I used to snorkle in the La Jolla underwater park all the time and I met many movie stars while there.

I would love to go back but my career is taking me elsewhere.

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When did you live there if I may ask?

by Garion11 In reply to I LIVED IN SAN DIEGO

While I was there I went to the Zoo, the beaches, Gas lamp area, etc...

Humble is my middle name, lol. Thanks for the info.

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by FluxIt In reply to When did you live there i ...

Apr 1989 - apr 1994.

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by Black Panther In reply to Came back from San Diego ...

This place sounds almost as good as Queensland Australia - I wondered if the U.S. had any such place!

If you like surfing why stay in the U.S. head down to OZ - sounds like it would be the perfect place for you!

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by jkaras In reply to Came back from San Diego ...

I used to live in Stockton, which is right under Sacramento. I currently live in Florida and I make trips back to California to see my high school friends about yearly. My best friend lives in Santa Monica. It is soooo amazing down there that I enjoy the escape to the perfect place. Its clean, exciting, beautiful, but this is all it is. It is a difficult place to live, people survive out there because its a lifestyle, not a life. If you move there kiss whatever savings for retirement goodbye. You will never be able to afford a decent house in a decent neighborhood unless you are quite wealthy. You will live in a rather small apartment that will be difficult to find paying a rediculous rent unless you can find rent control gov assisted for people making less than 30k. Having a car is a liability. The traffic is insane and parking is no where to be found. You will have to pay an excess of $80-100 rent for monthly parking garage just to store your car while not driving it. Gas out there is the most expensive because they have emission laws that costs extra .20c a gallon to reduce the emissions. You also have to get your car smog checked every year to re-register it. If it fails either in visual or emissions you have to pay mad money to restore it to "original condition". There are a ton of homless people out there for a reason. Many people all have multiple jobs waiting tables or handy work. Theft is a real problem in Californina. There are a ton of really, I mean, really wierd people there.

Now, I do find it a really alluring place. There is soo much culture and fun that it is intoxicating. The women are so beautiful that finding an ugly one becomes a more fun game. There is great music and always something to do. The boating out there is absolutely amazing and fitness is a way of life not a fad. If you decide to move there know that it is only a rest stop in your life and probably not a place you will settle down. It will change you, no doubt, and probably for the better and possibly for the worst, but you should look at it like Vegas, everyone loves to go there to live the life but nobody really wants to live there.

As for Texas I only drove through it coming from California to Florida. It took me two days, and I have to say I rather liked what I saw. My favorite city was San Antonio. It wasnt really pretty, but I couldnt find a rude person at all. I tried to be sarcastic to offend just to experiment and all I got was smiles and southern hospitality. I have some friends from Texas and that is what they still call their home. Are their bad parts, yeah, I hated El Paso, really nasty. But I must admit that Texas was a little out of the past mentality that you dont see in other cities, and it was quite refreshing. A mixture of small town life merged with growing city. Most people yearn for that rememberance of their old life when things were a little more simpler. A lot of businesses look like they ar from years ago rahter than something current if you get my drift. Both states have a lot to offer, but it depends on what it is your looking when thinking about "quality of life". What are your goals, and which place do you think will offer that best result, or are you looking to redefine your life seeking excitment? Good luck and let me know what you find to be the most interesting and why.

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Well thanks for the info

by Garion11 In reply to Well...

Loved your summary, lol. You are right when you said it depends on what I am looking for. I am going to Texas in August for about 4 days (Dallas area) and I am going to see how I like it. Whatever state it ends up being I can't wait either way. Thank you much for your information.

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Lock up your wives and daughters San Diego, Garion is on his way!!!

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Came back from San Diego ...

LOL :^). Rape, plunder and pillage was once the aim of all raiders but rape is no longer PC. You can always ask if they might be interested in a spot of pillage. They haven't lived until they've experienced a bit of pillaging. (Believe it or not I actually heard someone use that line and the girl appeared interested. Go figure)

Dawg ]:)

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by Garion11 In reply to Lock up your wives and da ...

Ssshhhh!! Now now, don't give away the secret

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Where were you hiding???

by sleepin'dawg In reply to LOL

Hadn't seen anything from you for a while and was wondering?

Dawg ]:)

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Very busy with job and school

by Garion11 In reply to Where were you hiding???

As much as I enjoy the discussions on TR, I had to focus on my new job which is keeping me very busy and of course college. At this point my life is work, school, and gym, lol. Interestingly enough I have never had this much fun...go figure.

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