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By icecreamtester ·
I recently found out that my camera has a webcam feature. I would like to use this with friends but none of them have webcams, but all have digital cameras and/or phones that are capable of taking video. I found a program here called Webcam 1-2-3 (lets cameras be used as webcams) and thought it looked decent. But the full version needs to be bought and I want to redistribute it so it wouldn't work. If anyone knows of a program that would just let a video capable device work as a webcam, or anyway of scripting somthing to make that happen that would be great.

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Any luck with this software?

by maxdawg4 In reply to Camera as Webcam

I am looking for the same type of software/hardware to allow my MiniDV camera to act as a webcam. The webcam interface is what I need, but my training application requires better optics, zoom capability, etc. So far I have not found such a program and I can't get to the webcam123 website. Does anyone have any other ideas?

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Anyone find one?

by plainbroke In reply to Any luck with this softwa ...

Anyone find a program to do multiple camera
and still freeware also needs motion detection. and streaming or html view..

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