Camping Help !!!

By Darryl~ Moderator ·
Okay, here's the story......

PurpleSkys & I want to take our little girl on a camping trip with "just us"....not all the other sisters...etc......Purple says we have to stay inside a 2 hour drive radius....that covers much of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, & a bit of New Brunswick ......hummmm

Where do we go?

Free thumbs for good answers. :)

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by OH Smeg In reply to site one

I would suggest that you go to this location.

It seems that your decision has been made for you and it's not worth upsetting her as she'll make your life a Misery.

But if I was making a decision I would say Where Does Purple What To Go? :0

Yes I know that it's a lousy place to go but if you don't keep the Monster that is known to everyone else as the Wife, Happy she's going to make your life a Complete Misery. :-bd

I should add that hopefully when you get there PS will stand on a snake and not poke her head out of the car till you go home and will be asking all the time that you are there Is It Time To Go Home Yet? Women are never happy when they get their own way. ]:)

Col 0:-)

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very cute Col

by PurpleSkys In reply to Darryl

but honestly, i'm looking for ideas as well...that was just the first one that looked interesting. The worst part for me is that we have lived here all our lives so sometimes we overlook what could be a really cool spot.

oh, and i tend to be very smug when i get my own way ]:)

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Purple I looked and found it appalling

by OH Smeg In reply to very cute Col

That's not a camping site it's a High End retreat for those who don't like camping but want to claim that they go camping.

Heated Pools, WiFi and so on doesn't make a camping location it makes something that can not be repeated here.

When I used to go camping years ago now I used to look for interesting locations where I was going and then camp there roughing it.

After all lying in your RV with your NB on your Lap browsing the net isn't camping.

What does your area have listed as Tourist Attractions? I would start looking there.

oh, and i tend to be very smug when i get my own way

Purple what female doesn't?


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See...that's what I'm talking about....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Purple I looked and found ...

Purple's brother & I stayed at a place called "Protection" in the Rocky was the last campsite before the icefields.

It was great....end of July & nightime temperature was below freezing....bears....all kinds of was great....loved it.

You'd never talk Purple into that though....although I did drive her through the area a few years ago.....that's just a little too much "on the edge" for her.

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You get a thumb for lack of originality...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Darryl

But you see Col, the thing is that she "couldn't" make up her mind & turned away the 3 suggestions I gave her....

So I'm really looking for an original spot

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I'm a bit far away to give you any help on destinations

by OH Smeg In reply to You get a thumb for lack ...

But if you can get her to decide that she wants to go somewhere and make her believe that she always wanted this and you don't like it you'll make her very happy.

Not at all Important but what is, is that when she's happy you get to do what you actually want to do.

Not to mention have a quite life without the wife Nagging you.


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Quiet Col......

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to I'm a bit far away to giv ...

you're giving away secrets that she need not know.

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by PurpleSkys In reply to Quiet Col......

you forget...been down this road before, i usually have a pretty good idea what most men are thinking

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As women are always right and men always wrong

by OH Smeg In reply to a-hem

According to women at least I wouldn't dare argue the point.

However I have to say if you think you know what men are like you are defiantly several steps up on most males who have absolutely no idea how a females mind works.

Probably much more importantly most don't want to know as they are not into pain and suffering as well as illogical though patterns. ]:)

I saw a TV program recently where one guy has remained single because he insists that Women are not worth the trouble in attempting to make them happy. I really think he has a very valid point there and the idea seems to be catching.


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