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Can 2 computers be linked?

By Hcyong ·
By using 2 computer NICs card, is it possible to connect 2 computer without any hub?

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Yes it is possible!

by rzan In reply to Can 2 computers be linked ...

If all you wish to do is connect two computers using standard NICs', then you need a crossover Ethernet cable. A crossover cable is different from a strait patch cable in that pin pairs 1 and 3 (total 4 pairs or 8 wires for Category 5) are crossed on one end of the cable. You may not be able to readily buy a crossover cable at a computer store, but making your own is fairly simple and easy with the right tools. All you need is a crimp tool, a few RJ-45 connectors, and a piece of Cat5 cabling. Search techrepublic for instructions on making crossover cables. There is a good section on it.

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by dragos_m In reply to Yes it is possible!

2 x rj 45, cable cat 5 utp, crimp tool
You can make the connexion like this
connector A:white-orange,orange,w-green, blue,w-blue,green,w-brown,brown
connector B:w-green,green,w-orange,blue,
or you can make it like this wire no.1 from the first end of the cable goes to position no 3 (second end of the cable) wire no.2 goes to 6 , wire no 3 goes to 1, wire no 6 goes to 2.(others does not matter).Look down

1 (TX+) 3 (RX+)
2 (TX-) 6 (RX-)
3 (RX+) 1 (TX+)
4 -
5 -
6 (RX-) 2 (TX-)
7 -
8 -
Hope this solves the problem.Good luck!

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a piece of coax

by waynepd In reply to Yes it is possible!

if you have an older nic you can use thinnet, 2 bnc t pieces and 2 terminators for a cheap quick network that you can expand if you have to connect another machine

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