Can a data mart double as an integration hub?

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Background: Our organization is creating data marts for each department (HR, Finance, IT, so on). I work with a team that supports HR technology and this is great for HR because they have employee data spread out among at least a dozen applications. The mart will bring that together in one place which is great. The very high-level proposed infrastructure is to connect from 1) the vendor systems to 2) an enterprise data warehouse then to 3) departmental data marts then 4) a BI tool.

Question: Our team wants to leverage the data mart to be an integration hub. The data mart will be fed with application data, which we’d then like to send to other applications that need to know about that data. We don’t need real-time integrations, most of our integrations are flat-file, and we want to move away from system-to-system direct connections.

This use makes sense to us, however we’ve received pushback from IT about leveraging the data mart this way. Is it a bad idea to have a data mart be the hub in a spoke-and-hub integration model?

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