Can a file be blocked from transfer on a public platform like Whatsapp?

By pilotsgyde ·
Okay, this is a strange issue in itself...

So recently, a scandalous video surfaced in my home country concerning one of our ministers of state. The video went viral, spreading specifically through Whatsapp.

Today, literally an entire nation awoke to find out that somehow it was no longer possible to transfer the video to another party via Whatsapp. Text went through. Images went through. Any other video went through. JUST NOT THAT SPECIFIC SCANDALOUS VIDEO.

How on earth is that possible? I'm not looking for ways around the system. It doesn't matter that we can't share the video any more (everybody has it anyway). But I was baffled that it was possible to block a specific file on a public app in an entire nation.

What am I missing? How is that technologically possible?

Thanks for reading.

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