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Can a low CMOS battery cause this?

By mantia1126 ·
Hi, my co-worker's got a desktop PC which when you go to boot up, the motherboard speaker emits a low, sort-of grinding sound, and the lights on the the top of the keyboard just flutter really fast, and nothing else happens. No POST beeps of any kind occur at all. I checked her power supply with a multimeter, and it's reading correct voltage at both the board connector and at the hard drive, so it isn't that. Also checked the processor as well, and nothing seems to be blown. However, neither the main fan nor the processor/ heat sink's fan powers up AT ALL. Can this be caused possibly by a dead or nearly-dead CMOS battery?

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Nope the CMOS battery only keeps the current CMOS settings. If the battery dies every time you power up you'll be prompted to setup the CMOS or accept the default settings. I guess one thing I would check, if you haven't already, is to verify that all the power connectors needed on the motherboard are plugged in. I know I got a newer P4 a while back and didn't see that second four pin power connector on the motherboard and had similar things happen. Other then that if you tested the power supply I'd have to say you have a bad processor or motherboard.

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by mantia1126 In reply to

OK Dave, I think that answers my question; on top of that, I believe that I've found the problem. So that you can get more points for yourself here, I'll ask my next question in a new post, and I think you might be able to answer that question as well. Thanks! :)

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