can a packet traverse without routers?

By shanx24 ·
i need information on the exact procedure as to how does a packet travel within a subnet or to different subnet once it is placed on Ethernet . is it possible for the packets to traverse without being directed by routers? it would be great if you can give a real-time related i.e a practical answer rather than a logical answer.

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Sniff...Sniff... I smell homework....

by cmiller5400 In reply to can a packet traverse wit ...

Question: "can a packet traverse without routers?"
Answer: Yes

If you want more information, please see your textbook or use a handy search engine of your choice.

Hint: Layer 3 Switching

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encapsulation of data at various layers of the TCP/IP protocol stack

by CG IT In reply to can a packet traverse wit ...

IP address information can only be read by devices that can read IP address information.

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