Can a PC discover the identity of the Cisco Switch it is attached to?

By rpark ·
I would like to be able to have all the PC's on my network be able to determine the identity of the network switch they are attached to. The PC would send out some command and have the switch respond with some type of unique information. Something that could then be used to uniquely identify the switch. The name of the switch, the MAC address, the serial number. Something unique. The command sent should only query the first switch it encounters. I don't want to cause a bunch of network traffic.
The command TRACERT almost gets me what I want. The reply from TRACERT shows the identity of the first hop. But this hop is not the switch the PC is attached to. It seems to be the first router it encounters on the way to some IP address I enter in my testing.
The network equipment is all Cisco stuff, so maybe one of you Cisco experts know of a Cisco utility that can do the job. I have seen some posts about SNMP commands and some inventory queries. But they all seem to require knowing the name or IP of the device you want to query. In my case, the PC does not know anything. It is just yelling "HEY! What am I attached to here."

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Cisco CDP Monitor Utility

by robo_dev In reply to Can a PC discover the ide ...

This utility is really meant for the network admin, not for each workstation, so the network/security implications may need to be tested.

And you would have to have CDP enabled on your Cisco gear.

Other utilities that could do a similar task are WireShark,SolarWinds, or CiscoWorks but those are, obviously, not something you would install on every workstation.

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Virtual Security Update

by rmcdaniel In reply to Can a PC discover the ide ...

I know this article is old, but a few things to note. One of the biggest issues in virtualization security is associated with organizational dynamics. As IT groups roll out virtualization in the enterprise, how involved is the security group? Are virtual machines going through the proper lifecycle (patching, removal of unnecessary applications/services, etc.)?

My company offers some products focusing on virtualization security:

But we would rather educate the market about issues involving security and virtualization rather than just push product. Read the white paper - it has some guidelines about implementing better security in a virtual environment.

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I'll ask the question "why" or rather for what purpose?

by CG IT In reply to Can a PC discover the ide ...

even if you knew what switch your connected to, that information isn't very useful.

Unless you log in to the switch, you wouldn't know how it's configured.

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by Choppit In reply to Can a PC discover the ide ...

You don't mention what OS you're using, but on the off chance you're using Linux

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