Can a Slave Drive be Run?

By Tink! ·
Not having much experience with slave drives - other than just copying data off of them - I was wondering if you can run programs off of slave drives as if they were a primary drive.

Could a drive with Win95 be slaved to a drive with WinXP?
Can you then run programs on the Win95 drive?
If yes, would you load the WinXP as normal and then run the Win95 program?
Or would you load the Win95 drive in order to run the Win95 program?
Or something entirely different.

Tink :)

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by tmalo627 In reply to Can a Slave Drive be Run?

If the OS is in tact on the slave drive and the hardware of the computer it is attached to support the OS, or more importantly in this case, the OS can support the hardware, then you can boot to your Win95 disk. Each computer is a little bit different, but generally if you press F12 during POST will take you to the boot menu. You can then select your slave drive to boot from.

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