Can a standard user on Windows 7 create unlimited user accts?

By jscgalens ·
My 12 yr old son has a new laptop with Windows 7. I set myself up as administrator and he has a standard acct. I set up the parental controls for his account for the days and hours he is allowed to be on his computer, however I started to notice that he was on at times that I did not set up. When I check his laptop, he had just created another random user account which of course had no restriction because I did not know about it. Am I missing something or is there a way I can prohibit him from being able to set up another user?

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You can prevent this by

by Unkn0wn F0rces In reply to Can a standard user on Wi ...

1. Right click my computer,
2. Click manage
3. Click LocalUsers and Groups in the left pane
4. Click the Groups folder
5. Double Click the Users group
7. Click Remove
8. Click Apply
This should solve the problem....send me a message and tell me if it did or did not....

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by jscgalens In reply to You can prevent this by

UF - Thanks so much...worked're awesome! jules

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Thank You....

by Unkn0wn F0rces In reply to Perfect!

and it was my pleasure

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something else to add

by mafergus In reply to Can a standard user on Wi ...

There is a tool called K9 web protection. It is free, and while it wouldn't answer the issue of multiple accounts, it will monitor activity and it has one of the best category screens I have used. If an inappropriate page is clicked or typed(mistyped remember you can either post a message or the page just never comes up.

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by jscgalens In reply to something else to add

That is great to know - I will look into it - I appreciate the reply!

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You are very welcome

by mafergus In reply to Thanks!

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