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Can a tester become a CTO

Is there a valid career path from someone starting in testing to work there way up to a CTO? Or is this job specifically reserved for developers. Are CTOs basically dev managers on steroids?
I am a test team lead, and my background is in testing.

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Can a tester become a CTO

by jessicasbach In reply to Can a tester become a CTO

A lot of industry experience is generally required to wind up a CTO. Proficient affirmations in specialized areas can help hopefuls too, and a vocation foundation that elements involvement in administration, deals, or counseling can likewise be alluring to businesses. Similar to the case with almost any administration position, CTO hopefuls ought to have trust in their correspondence and initiative aptitudes.

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Its not the dev or tester, Its the guy who thinks like CTO becomes CTO

by kphani_prasad In reply to Can a tester become a CTO

Just imagine,for one day[you dont need to tell/yell anyone]] you are the boss of the company in which you are working... starting from dress to walk, talk... see how much money you are putting in and how much productivity you get every division, but more focus on your IT delivery. Drive this for a week... lets see what happens...:)

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The road to the top

by mjd420nova In reply to Can a tester become a CTO

Yes, the path is possible. I didn't understand Jessica but a good step would be to get some business degree, an associate at least and the background should help keep the rest on track.

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