Can A Vpn Be Traced And Show What You Domloaded From Where

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I had an email from my internet provider saying,
Quote Unfortunately, provider has been contacted by legal representatives of Paramount Pictures regarding the illegal downloading of copyrighted material. They have identified that a provider subscriber has illegally accessed their material on the internet and that they will consider legal proceedings against provider if this activity does not cease. Stop Quote
My question is, I always use pure VPN, so they should not be able to tell it was who connected to a torrent site? there is no way to trace me that I missed? it would only show i downloaded from pure VPN server not a torrent site? provider is my internet service provider which a community based one .
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Use search engine

by jackstanton787 In reply to Can A Vpn Be Traced And S ...

Hello, your question is legit and I believe they can take action against you if you are traced by them otherwise you won't.

Another thing use torrent search engine instead of VPN etc. It will fetch data from multiple sites anonymously and you won't be tracked. Example torrentz2 search engine :

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Can A Vpn Be Traced And Show What You Domloaded From Where

by pooja1588142131 In reply to Can A Vpn Be Traced And S ...

A VPN is used for encrypting the traffic from your machine to the exit point of the VPN network. Therefore, a VPN isn't likely to protect you from being - Anonymous unless they happen to be on the same local LAN as you. People can use other methods for tracing you and your VPN can leak your real IP at times.
And if you're afraid of being caught downloading illegal materials, then use a proxy because even if you're downloading a torrent that can get tracked, and if you have proxy it will show it’s IP and not yours, also proxy doesn't keep any logs of their service. This means that they won't trace that IP address back to you.

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Use the KillSwitch feature if you are torenting.

by ronkvinb In reply to Can A Vpn Be Traced And S ...

What sometimes happens is that due to random updates or network issues your computer might temporarily disconnect from a VPN server while downloading. During that period your internet traffic is not "covered" and the downloadable content can then be traced to your IP address.

Killswitch would be the problem solver here. It basically kills your internet connection once your computer loses the connection to a VPN server, leaving no space for accidental data leak. Once you re-connect to a VPN server, then you can safely access the internet again.

If you want to use a VPN with a Killswitch feature you can download Atlas VPN, It has a free version with no data limits so you can torrent files without the need to upgrade. You can use this coupon code to try out the premium subscription for 10 days as well: JUTTLZHZ. You can only claim the coupon via android though.

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Here's what I think

by vincehayes77 In reply to Can A Vpn Be Traced And S ...

I am not an expert on this topic but what I think is that even though you have used VPN but if Paramount Pictures approaches your VPN host with legal notice or something, they can track your IP and they(VPN Host) have all your details.

That's why hackers use Socks proxies along with VPN, that way, not even VPN Host can track your IP down.

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