Can a website access a MAC address?

By OliveBen ·
Dear all.
Can a website know my Laptop MAC address? I ask because after signing up with ********, and trying to "Friend" five known friends, ******** immediately blocked me from a new account after about 15 minutes normal usage, stating, suspicious activity. I could not believe it so I used VPN to setup a new account but ******** were aware of this trick (justified trick as this was my account setup for normal usage (Not criminal)) so I bought a new SIM card to setup a new ******** account and still ******** were ahead of me linking me to the same locked out account. Any ideas of how ******** were aware it was always me trying to access my locked out ******** account or trying to setup a new ******** account from the same laptop?
Many thanks.
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Well put simply YES it can.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can a website access a MA ...

But it is much more likely that the computer you are using identified itself to the unit you were connecting wit.

These computers send their Browser type and version as well as OS in use and so on so I would hazard a guess that the server you connected to took that data and acted upon it when it got a different connection from a new source.

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