Can a windows 7 client connect to a share on an NT 4.0 Server

By jonathan.howes ·
We have a Windows NT 4.0 server that has a number of shared folders on it. I can connect to the server from an XP client, authenticate against the shares and browse the contents of the folders.

When I attempt to connect to the share using a Windows 7 client I am asked for authentication but this never authenticates.

The error returned is network password is incorrect but it is not.

Is there anything that can be done that will allow windows 7 to see the share?

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Try prefacing the username

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Can a windows 7 client co ...

with the domain name:


or even\username

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Tried that

by jonathan.howes In reply to Try prefacing the usernam ...

I tried that with


which is what works from an XP client but for some reason it is failing from windows 7 clients

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by jonathan.howes In reply to Tried that

line two should read


but this still does not work

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to correction

Even try

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Win7 and NT4

by christianshiflet In reply to Can a windows 7 client co ...

I encountered (was tricked into dealing with...) a similar issue with mapping drives after someone I know decided to install Win7 on a whim and then couldn't access their NT4 server. One possibility I have heard mentioned is installing XP Mode on the Win7 machine. Another option is to check out for a possible workaround.

The issue is authentication security and encryption, if I remember correctly. Ultimately, though, the NT4 box should be updated or switched to something that can be updated over time (Win2k3 or 2k8, Linux, FreeNAS...).

Let me know if this helps or you have questions. Thanks.

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