Can a Windows Server 2008 DNS settings be changed remotely?

By Wolflingg ·
I've been searching for information on this to no avail. What I would like to know is whether it is possible to remote into a Windows Server 2008 and change it's DNS settings without disrupting the server or connection to the internet? This would be done over the internet and I'm not at all close to where the server is, so I don't dare do this without knowing first. Or I'll have to take a long trip. Any help/info/experience is appreciated.

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Request for Clarification

by jtjenkins213 In reply to Clarifications

What change is required?
If you're just adding a host A record then nothing will happen. If you're changing the DNS server it uses to get DNS records from the internet, then it may blink but not immediately as it has to migrate the records, but it still has records in cache.
If you're going to do a domain name change on a domain controller, then you almost definitely need to be near the machine as that is not exactly a straight-forward process.
Without knowing what change you're doing in regards to DNS, it is hard to say one way or the other if you will lose a connection.

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Most likely would disrupt for at least a minute

by robo_dev In reply to Can a Windows Server 2008 ...

Assuming that the correct settings are applied, I would suspect the interface will bounce when you hit the OK button.

In terms of the settings taking effect, there might be a need to do 'repair' on the interface or at the very least do a ipconfig /flushdns. If this server is a domain controller, or if other things depend on the DNS settings, then the process could get more involved.

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Reponse To Answer

by Wolflingg In reply to Most likely would disrupt ...

Thanks for the info--it is a domain controller. Going to have to schedule a 5 hour drive next week lol.

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