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Can Access Create Delimited Files?

By Shanghai Sam ·
I'm currently attempting to outsource some shipping department functions. To do this, I have to figure out a way to send shipping instructions utilizing a comma-delimited format. My companies existing system does not support this type of function. Thus I was hoping to create a simple Access database to do the job. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any information on converting individual transactions into comma delimited files without having to export an entire table into Excel to provide the function. Does anybody know how I can accomplish this? Or if it's even possible?

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Can Access Create Delimited Files?

by DKlippert In reply to Can Access Create Delimit ...

Open the Table/Query and choose File>Export.
Choose one on the Text files, CSV etc.

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Can Access Create Delimited Files?

by Don Christner In reply to Can Access Create Delimit ...

The previous answer is correct, other than you said you did not want to export the entire table. To export part of a table, open the table, select the records you want to export and then do the File-Export. Select Text Files as the type and give the export a filename with .csv as an ending.


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Can Access Create Delimited Files?

by Glen_McLeod In reply to Can Access Create Delimit ...

Following on both of the previous answers, you can also create a query that retreives the correct records, then export that to your comma delimited file.


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Can Access Create Delimited Files?

by Bob Sellman In reply to Can Access Create Delimit ...

If you want to end up doing this using a form (with VBA code in back of a button), you can do the following:

1. Create a query with appropriate parameters (which could use values on the form that will have the command button calling the output procedure).

2. Manually export the data through the File, SaveAs/Export functions as discussed in the other answers. As you go through the export wizard, be sure to click on Advanced at some point to fully define the export as you need it and, most important, save the export definition.

3. Continue saving until you've got the export creating the external file exactly as you need it. Each time you try to do the export, as soon as you get to the wizard, click on advanced and load your export definition file. Refine the export definition and then be sure to save the corrected definition.

4. Now you can set up the code behind a command button on your form. Use the DoCmd.OutputTo function. In that function you will reference the query that selects the data of interest, set up your path/destination file name, and list the name of the export definition file you created above.

Works like a charm to export in a variety of formats, including comma-delimited formats.

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