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    Can access Internet but not our website.


    by bsharpe37 ·

    Ok, first off a little detail on our network…
    We have 4 sites in a WAN with each sites own LAN using a VPN gateway-gateway connection. The 3 client sites gateways all connect to our server sites gateway.

    ISSUE: Our website is not accessable from one site only.

    The other sites can pull it up no problem and even at home I can pull up our website.

    I can connect directly to our DSL modem at this site and pull the page. We have a PPPoA setup. The gateway is setup exactly the same as the other sites along wth the modem. The only exception is the LAN IP where the 192.168.x.x the “x” changes at each site. eg. 1,2,3,4…


    I’m pretty much about to thro out our gateways and start over with something decent. Currently using a Netgear FVS318v3, Wonder if it is a gateway issue, is there a suggested gateway you would recommend? I know 2 questions but solve the ISSUE or offer a suggestion on new gateway. Please dont reply with “Use cisco” Details and models are very helpful. I’m not a networking type of guy but the rest of the IT have been cut due to cutbacks so its only me.

    EDIT: Well, apparently you can access our website through a site such as ninja proxy. Odd enough we dont run a proxy server… Ideas?

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      Sounds like a DNS issue

      by jlabadessa ·

      In reply to Can access Internet but not our website.

      If I understand you correctly, you are trying to access an internal company web server from the same local network where the web server resides. If so, this is a common DNS problem…you can access the site by local IP address. Remotes are able to access the site because the DNS server they are using is resolving the URL name to a public IP.

      If you have an internal DNS server, you can add an entry to allow local requests to web site ( to resolve to the local internal IP. Or, if you don’t have an internal DNS server and only have a few computers, you can edit the ‘hosts’ file within C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc folder and add a hard-coded entry to point the site URL to an internal IP. Or you can live with accessing the local web site via local IP.

      Hopefully we are on the same page. Good luck!

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        Agreed, sounds like DNS

        by rwatters ·

        In reply to Sounds like a DNS issue

        Try pulling up the website by IP address rather than by the DNS name (may not work if it’s a virtual host, so kind of depends on what’s hosting the website) and see if the page comes up. Pull up a command prompt in windows or a terminal window in Linux and do an nslookup on the website address to see what it’s resolving to at the external site, see if it matches what it should be resolving to. That should also tell you what DNS server it’s pulling the record from.

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