Can access server from outside network but not inside

By cfjohnsn ·
I have a server with a public site that is accessible without any issues. The problem is that the server is not reachable via ping (ICMP is enabled and Win FW is off) by hostname or IP and we cannot map drives to it.

I can RDP into the system and I have verified the routing table with its backup server and made sure all routes (even persistent) are identical (save the local IP address difference).

Any help is appreciated.

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What OS, what firewall?

by robo_dev In reply to Can access server from ou ...

Typically a Windows server is not setup to be a router so LAN traffic cannot get to the WAN interface, except for Internet connectivity, typically.

And Windows networking services are not normally enabled on the WAN interface, for obvious security reasons.

What is your topology? Is this a dual-nic server?

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Server 2003 -- Checkpoint

by cfjohnsn In reply to What OS, what firewall?

Server 2003 -- Checkpoint

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Dual interfaces?

by robo_dev In reply to Server 2003 -- Checkpoint

e.g. Internal LAN, External WAN?

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Dual NICS but only using one

by cfjohnsn In reply to Dual interfaces?

It is a private IP that is being aliased in DNS at the firewall.

Outside users are able to access it (we can even resolve NetBIOS pings and NSLookup requests from machines on a different subnet) but we cannot reach it from the same subnet via PING (IP or hostname) while still being able to RDP into it.

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Stupid, stupid, stupid

by cfjohnsn In reply to Dual NICS but only using ...

Someone turned on the Intrusion Detection on the Endpoint AV and it was killing it.

Thanks for trying to help.

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