Can access TS via name, but not IP address

By DocZ ·
Hey everyone, my mind is getting blown over a bizarre issue I've never seen.

Today suddenly, a machine of ours (NT 4.0 SP6a for reasons below) has been UNABLE to RDP (5.2) into our W2K SP4 terminal server via the IP address, but IS ABLE to get into the server using the server's DNS name.

Pinging the server with either the name or the IP is completely fine.

I've checked RPTR records in our DNS, they're ok, and NSLOOKUP is happy on forward/reverse lookups, as are the other 30-some RDP clients who are right now busily working.

Now, why on earth NT 4.0 on this machine? The applications absolutely require it in order to run one half of a rather large (2-3 story high) printing press.

The other half is run by another NT 4.0 machine which is completely fine.

Even installing a test hard disk and a fresh NT 4.0, applying sp6a, changing out the NIC type & manufacturer, yields the same results:

When using the IP address, the RDP Client waits then reports back "The remote connection has timed out. Please try connecting to the remote computer again".

Of course, I could continue using the DNS name, right? Just concerned what is broken, instead of the band-aid approach.

Anybody want to take a stab at this one?

Edited: I forgot to mention that this machine cannot RDP into ANY TS server via the server's IP addresses. Only by their server names.

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