Can An Android Device be a Dockable PC?

By brian.catt ·
I was so hoping one day I could use my unified communications/browsing device as a basic desktop computer at home by simply docking it and getting access to a KB, screen, printer, Optical drive, etc - which could all be wirelessly or physically connected to the dock. Couldn't care less about playing music from my docked computing device. I don't need no steenking iPad either, just inflate my iPhone.

Steve Jobs doesn't want to let us have all this functionality in one device because he wants to skim , Nickel and Dime us to Death for each feature through an Apple connector.. no USB. But I just realised than an Android SMartphone could also do this. A colleague runs a server off one!

Has anyone done it? If not please try, while I can still use it. Been waiting since 1990 Mac World.


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While it's possible

by OH Smeg In reply to Can An Android Device be ...

You'll have to wait a bit longer till the market accepts Low Powered Computing as the Norm not the exception.


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Low-Powered Computing

by santeewelding In reply to While it's possible

The market. The norm. Acceptance.

Oh...wait. You reference devices.

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by OH Smeg In reply to Low-Powered Computing

Bad Boy now go and fix that thing that your customer broke.

Stop goofing off on your Boss time. :0

OH and BTW I've weakened and loaded 7 to my main workstation just so I always have a copy if it available. As I'm currently running the Initial AV Scan at the moment this is coming to you from Windows 7 64 Bit Professional. So I have very little loaded.

Took ages to fit another HDD to this thing. Apparently no one is supposed to use more than 3 HDD and a Floppy as well according to this case maker. Now if I could find a sheet metal worker to bend up some new HDD Trays I could fit more to it.


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Just today

by santeewelding In reply to Santee

I did intricate and original sheet-metal work for a collector of antique gasoline-pump housings and innards. He buys and has shipped to him specimens from all over the world.

What can I say? Except that, the money in cash is good.

You will have to wait in line for your electronic enclosure work (the industry term -- also which I have done much).

Make it where you can.

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Well as I'm lazy

by OH Smeg In reply to Just today

And wanted it straight away I just took a 3.5 Inch Drive rack out of an old case and pop riveted into to the case.

Now I have space for another 4 HDD's, pity that this M'Board doesn't have a SCSI Adapter on it only 6 SATA and 1 IDE Port. :_|

I loved my old Gigabyte Server Board that could have 18 Drives connected. Even though it was a P2/3 and limited to 1 Gig of RAM it was fast and this Quad Core Pentium with 16 GIG of RAM is no faster. Maybe it was the 2 CPU's that did the trick or something but it flew.


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Isn't Low Powered Computing the Norm?

by brian.catt In reply to While it's possible

Thanks, INteresting but... Most users I help out browse the web and do email/Face Book. Word is a challenge and most can't even set the tabs or format a Word doc. That's all they use or can use. The majority on social networks cannot spell, punctuate, use grammar or structure a valid sentence or even a rational thought. They don't understand why Word won't open an Excel doc or docx doesn't open in WORD 2004. etc. So isn't low powered computing a de facto consquence of average user ability already? Its all 80% plus users use or can handle. I think the market is ready :-). BRian

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No not at all

by OH Smeg In reply to Isn't Low Powered Computi ...

Low Powered Computing denotes the Power of the Hardware to do the required job what you are describing is Low Powered Users which is far harder to rectify. :^0

However on a more serious note the Basic System Resources in any Smart Phone are very low so they have very limited Computing Capacity and in reality are attempting to use modern Software which is Bloated to **** and Back. Attempting to use any of these devices on a modern application is like attempting to use a 386 or earlier to run Windows XP. While it might sort of work it's going to be painful and the average User isn't going to accept the limits of the device.


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