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Can an ISP hijacked?

By Emmaarkay ·
I am having a HP laptop Intel Pentium 4 with Windows XP. I have subscribed to Verizon DSL. Since five days I am unable to go online and work with my emails and other web resources.

I have had a long phone sessions with Verizon Support, for over 4 hours; but they could not resolve the issue. They blamed that my Browser would have become bad. I use IE 6 or Mozilla 7.
They suggested that I talk to the Hardawre vendor.All other applications in my laptop work, including either of the browsers offline.

Adding to this I could even go online with other open wireless networks in the range. This clearly indicates that my browsers are not at fault and that I am unable to get online with Verizon DSL.

Is it possible that any virus can hijack an ISP?

If so what are the remedies?

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DSL Problem

by HB_BC In reply to Can an ISP hijacked?

Can you ping out such as or a IP address of Can you ping the IP of your modem? Can you release & renew your IP address for your DSL connection or does it come back with a address of It is possible to have a bad NIC or cable that will not renew or set a IP address. You say wireless NIC works fine that should rule out your browser.

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by kennneth.woodworth In reply to Can an ISP hijacked?

MY daughter has a lap top and was having a similar problem and found that she had to disable the symantic firewall to get to connect.

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ISP Hijacked?

by beads In reply to Can an ISP hijacked?

If a major ISP was hijacked it wouldn't take long for the competition to notice and make it very well known. See Verio during the last huricane.

Did tech support ask you to **** away your DNS settings and rebuild them from scratch? How about try using IPCONFIG /DNSFLUSH to reset the connection?

From what you describe theres either a firewall problem (mentioned above) or the hint that part of the DNS resolution is not being recognized by Verizon.

Also try these commands from the command line:

ping (your IP address)
ping (your first Verizon DNS server)
ping (your second Verizon DNS server)

Yep, I'm sure that Verizon lead you through much the same but the problem is probably with your SRV (Service Record) record at Verizon. Most likely needs to be flushed and reset there or rebuilt. Problem is your not going to be talking to someone at Verizon with that type of authority, any time soon.

Trudge on! This shouldn't be difficult to solve.

- Beads

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ISP/WLan Gatway Password requested

by anjumsk_pak In reply to ISP Hijacked?

Dear i am using an internet service through a gateway access but unfortunately i fogot my password rather ISP knows what ISP has? Now ISP is not giving me the WLAN access gateway password, n i m facing difficulties, could you give me a favor to retreive my ISP gateway WLAN password without asking?
I have IE6.0 on Windows-XP SP2.

Looking forward

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One of two possible problem you have

by dbucyk In reply to Can an ISP hijacked?

You say that you can access other wireless networks.

When you go online, does it take you to a different website? Or does your computer seem to be a little sluggish.

I believe your computer has been infected with a form of malware.

Download Ad-Aware SE to your computer, update it, and read through the options and scan your computer.

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